Welcome Coach Mark!

Blackbird CrossFit welcomes our newest Coach, Mark Welsh. He started his fitness journey with Blackbird CrossFit in 2015 at the age of 50. Eight years of doing CrossFit has changed Mark profoundly. He developed an unbreakable commitment to his physical fitness, mental health, and diet. Through coaching, he wants to help others live a healthier and more active life, especially our older population.

Athlete of the Month– MIKE HATMAKER– April 2023

Mike Hatmaker has literally worked his ass off. He was an athlete trapped in a body he didn’t recognize any longer at 340lbs, struggling with his physical and mental health. So he made some big changes in his life. He’s experienced over a 100lb weight loss! In two years at Blackbird, he’s put on over 10lbs of muscle mass, went from 26% fat mass down to 18%, and lost even more weight on the scale through 1-on-1 nutrition coaching. Mike has used the Blackbird community and camaraderie to boost his mental health, as well!

Athlete of the Month– Megan Winkler– February 2023

EVERYONE NEEDS A HYPE GIRL LIKE MEGAN WINKLER! Our February Athlete of the Month is the best lifting partner and community member you could ask for. Megan will pump you up, she will jump up and down in excitement for you, and she will make sure you feel seen during class. And she’s been like this all of her 5 1/2 years at Blackbird. She’s kind and caring, but fierce, determined, and focused when it’s time to lift or workout. Check out her CrossFit story.

Athlete of the Month– Colleen Feiglstok– January 2023

Congratulations to Colleen Feiglstok, Blackbird CrossFit’s Athlete of the Month for January 2023. She’s brought hilarity, sarcasm, and hard work ethic to our CrossFit community since 2017. She represents the majority of our members who just love to move their body each day, get stronger, stay healthy, be a part of a good community of folks, and be a more functional human being.

Dan Rockwell– Athlete of the Month– December 2022

Congratulations to Dan Rockwell, our final Athlete of the Month for 2022!

Dan figured out the key to sustainability in CrossFit– do it consistently with the purpose of longevity and better mental health, and the fitness, strength, and gains will come. Dan found healing in many areas of his life through CrossFit. He is an awesome guy with a great life story of self discovery and recovery from PTSD. He is an inspiration to the Blackbird Community! Read his profile piece to learn more.

Manna Stevens- Athlete of the Month- November 2022

Manna Stevens, ever-supportive of others, coachable, and hard-working. She’s such a great example of working through adversity, both in her personal life and in the gym. Manna fought through many weeks of extreme morning sickness to come in and move her body. SHE JUST SHOWED UP. No expectations, no pressure; just showing up to give herself the physical and mental release that had become so important to her overall wellness.