The Road to Murph “6 Week Cindy Challenge” Winner…Brian Cole!

BBCF Murph Challenge 2016This year at the start of April, Blackbird CrossFit kicked off its “Road to Murph” with a three-part preparation plan. First, our CrossFit Endurance coach and running specialist Justin Metzger held a running clinic to improve running form and technique. Second, we erased the old goal board and had everyone recommit themselves to their strength & conditioning goals and develop a new plan to get there. And third, we held a “6 Week Cindy Challenge.” To get in a little extra training and be prepared for The Murph Challenge on Memorial Day, we held a competition to see who can complete the most rounds of CINDY throughout the 6 week challenge. CINDY is one of the “CrossFit Girls” benchmark workouts. 1 round consists of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 air squats.

6 Week Cindy Challenge Winner Brian Cole
Brian Cole, winner of the 6 Week Cindy Challenge, with 106 rounds and an Rx ‘Murph’ time of 53:23.

A clear winner emerged quickly, wearing a weighted vest and putting in a lot of extra time getting ready for his first Rx ‘Murph’. Congratulations to Brian Cole for completing 106 rounds of Cindy in 6 weeks! He won a $25 gift certificate to It all paid off because he finished the workout (1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run) in 53:23 while wearing a 20lb vest! Last year, he completed the movements as prescribed, but without a weighted vest at 39:16. Brian proves each and every day that age is just a number and he is more than prepared to kick butt and take names for the foreseeable future. In fact, since ‘Murph’ he is still running around the gym in a weighted vest during certain workouts to keep his training at a higher intensity.

Robert Bull (left) the Cindy Challenge Runner Up with 96 rounds
Robert Bull (left) the Cindy Challenge Runner Up with 96 rounds

We would also like to recognize Robert Bull as the close runner up of the “6 Week Cindy Challenge.” He completed 96 extra rounds of Cindy in 6 weeks! He will receive a $15 gift card to A huge congrats to all of our athletes who participated. In the end, we had a phenomenal Memorial Day at Blackbird CrossFit. A total of 68 brave athletes complete The MURPH Challenge! 32 people did the full ‘Murph’ and 26 did a scaled version (Murphette or Half Murph). We also had 7 athletes take on ‘Murph’ Rx with a 20lb weighted vest.


BBCF Rx Murph 2016 CrewBlackbird is proud to have raised $1680 for the Lt. Michael Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation! The Foundation aids the children and families of our veterans. We feel so blessed to have the good health and strength to complete this Hero WOD and honor all of those soldiers lost throughout the years. Thank you to our servicemen and women, our veterans, and all of the military families for your sacrifices. God Bless America!