Nutrition Coaching Success Story—Dennis Sheremet

Dennis Sheremet joined Blackbird CrossFit in September 2023 and decided to hit the ground running with Foundations for Beginners and 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching with Coach Mary. In his first month he had huge success and is continuing on with the good fitness and nutrition habits he learned. Check out his journey to better health and fitness!

“Dennis came to Blackbird motivated to transform his nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. Since day on he’s been open to learning new healthy habits and staying consistent with them. Dennis is the kind of athlete that you don’t have to ask twice to do something. When he puts his mind to a goal, he gets after it. Not only has Dennis been able to adopt healthy habits himself, but he has been a role model to his son, who has come to love CrossFit Kids!” Coach Mary

What made you decide it was time to take action and transform your health?

I was concerned about my health. Recently, I did some blood work, and the results were not good. I did not like where it could lead me. To be honest, I got scared. Therefore, I decided to take the first step, which, as I see it now, was the hardest one! I wish I had done that earlier!

Why did you choose Blackbird CrossFit Nutrition?

I felt like I lacked healthy diet-related knowledge and discipline to follow it. I was seeking professional help, someone who could review my current diet and help make the required adjustments. I also needed someone else to keep me accountable for what I eat and drink. Sometimes it is really hard to resist your cravings, and this helped me a lot to improve my discipline in meal consumption. I was actually very surprised by how much unhealthy food I used to eat before I started tracking all my meals and snacks.

What was your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

I am addicted to sugar, so it was quite hard to avoid eating ice-cream, candies, or chocolate (especially during the first week! This was a real challenge!). It became much easier with time, and Coach Mary helped me find a few healthier dessert options when I craved sugar. So this works perfectly for me! I feel like I manage my sugar cravings very well now.

What were you feeling before starting nutrition coaching?

I felt that my nutrition was completely wrong and disorganized. I ate plenty of unhealthy food and didn’t drink much water. Instead, I used to drink diet coke, coffee, and packaged juices. Quite often, by the end of the day, because of my low activity, I felt completely exhausted and did not have the energy to cook. So, I would just go and grab some takeout from nearby places (Burger King, Chipotle, etc.) or even replace it with a family pack of chips and ice-cream. I felt that I needed help to sort it out.

How do you feel about your nutrition habits now?

I feel like I have a system in my nutrition and a set of rules that I follow. I know what’s good and bad for my nutrition, what nutrition habits I need to work on, and what I need to get rid of. By combining proper nutrition with my CrossFit classes, I am confident that I can achieve my goals. I also feel I am not alone on this journey and can always ask a question or request recommendations.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone who wants to start nutrition coaching and CrossFit?

 If you encounter similar concerns while reading this or have your own reasons, take the initiative – reach out to Coach Mary!