Meet our newest Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, Ashley Richelderfer!

Ashley was raised in Hampstead, MD and met her husband (and fellow BBCF Coach) Chris in college. They have 3 beautiful daughters (ages 11, 9, 5) and a crazy dog that keep her busy. In 2016, after multiple stations around the country with Chris’s career in the ARMY, the Richelderfer’s returned to Maryland and Ashley joined Blackbird a week later. She started both Nutrition Coaching and Personal Training at Blackbird in 2020.

I honestly think being shy is what pushed me to start coaching after 9 years of CrossFit experience. I drove past my first CrossFit gym for a year before working up the courage to walk in. It can be really scary to take that first step. My focus is on those people who don’t have the confidence *YET* to walk through the doors – specifically women and seniors. I want people who are nervous about fitness and nutrition to build confidence in themselves and what they can do.

CERTIFICATIONS:  ACE Personal Training Certificate, Senior Fitness Specialist Certification, HSN Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Level 1



FAVORITE WORKOUT GEAR: My shiny pink lifting belt

FAVORITE TV SHOW/MOVIE: Harry Potter movies any time, Les Mis if I feel like crying

FAVORITE PRE/POST WORKOUT FUEL? Pre=A piece of fruit or applesauce pouch. Post=Ascent chocolate peanut butter protein

FAVORITE MEAL: Don’t tell the nutrition coach, but I love to take an afternoon and make homemade pasta and homemade meat sauce, but (luckily!!) I don’t have time for that very often. As far as a normal, week day meal, we love to grill, so I’d probably say grilled chicken, asparagus and roasted potatoes are a family pleaser. 

WHAT INSPIRES YOU IN YOUR WORK AND LIFE? Chris inspires me with his passion for helping others reach their potential in and out of the gym. My kids inspire me to be the best version of myself. I hope that seeing their mom be strong and capable will give them confidence in themselves, which is something so many women struggle with.

WHAT IS YOUR LIFE PHILOSOPHY? This is pretty simple for me. The Bible encourages us to “bear good fruit”. I want to do that in all aspects of my life as much as possible.

WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY FOR WORKING WITH YOUR CLIENTS? I strongly believe that there is so much more to all of us than the body we live in, but taking care of the one and only body we have been given is essential. Working out and eating right shouldn’t be something that we do just to look “good”, but something we choose to do to be good stewards. Our bodies are amazing things and I want each and every person I work with to appreciate theirs for what it can do.

WHAT IS YOUR STRATEGY FOR MANAGING A BIG BUSY FAMILY AND STILL MAKING TIME FOR YOURSELF, YOUR NUTRITION, AND YOUR WORKOUTS? As far as nutrition, my biggest strategy is utilizing Instacart. It saves me so much time, and I am able to shop in an organized way without impulse buying. I also find that it’s so much easier to stay on track when I meal prep my lunches for the week. Finding time to workout has been more challenging since the kids aren’t in school and we cannot currently have childcare at the gym, so I have just tried to do my best to fit it in when I can. Asking friends or even neighbors to join in on a workout helps me stay motivated when I’m working out at home.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Being able to clean my house completely in under 5 minutes!

WHAT IS ONE THING THAT PEOPLE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU? I’m a sucker for dad jokes. Why does a duck have feathers? To cover his butt quack. Also, I HATE stickers! 🤮

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