FREE Beginners Only CrossFit Class This Saturday 3/26 @ 11am!

It’s that time again! We are holding our Beginner’s Only CrossFit class this Saturday, March 26th at 11am.

We know how hard and intimidating it can be to start something different and new. That’s why we have developed our Beginner’s Only Free CrossFit class so that you can give CrossFit a try in low-key environment with other newbies. We keep it simple to give you a taste of what a regular class would look like.

If you dig it, then you can finish out your 3 class Free Trial in our regular classes next week! Our program at Blackbird is designed in a way that slowly and methodically teaches you CrossFit at your pace. Our CrossFit classes are set up in a way that allows the beginner and seasoned athlete to work out side by side while both receive the same functional benefit of the workout. In addition, all our coaches have completed continuing education courses in altering the workouts to fit each person’s needs and skills.

Here are just a few of things we take care of for you:

  • The equipment; everything you will need to start and continue your healthy lifestyle.
  • Certified CrossFit coaches at each and every class.
  • A carefully programmed warm up, workout, and cool down.
  • A motivating environment.
  • Most importantly, a community of like-minded people who only want to see you succeed with them!

If this sounds good to you, send us an email to [email protected] or call us at 410.875.7186 to register for class this Saturday, March 26th at 11am. All you need is a water bottle…and feel free to bring a friend!