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TEAM: Pecs and Pedals (Calories)

In Teams of 3-4

6 Rounds for Max Calories (24 minutes)

Partner 1 & Partner 2 — > 5 Bench Press (Each) (AHAP)

Partner 3 & Partner 4 — > 2 Minute Max Calorie Assault Bike (Split as needed)

*Each athlete will complete 5 bench press reps and a 2 minute max assault bike 6 total times.

*The first pair will have 2 minutes complete 5 bench press reps each as heavy as possible (AHAP) while their partner or partners go for max calories on the assault bike. Once 2 minutes on the clock is up, they switch and continue this cycle for a total of 6 rounds or 24 minutes.

*Partners benching will have plenty of time to change weights if they are using different weights and also spot each other for safety.

*For groups of 3, the lone partner will bike for :30 rest for :30 during the 2 minute bike.

INDV: Pecs and Pedals Pt. 2 (6 Rounds for weight)

5 Bench Press

*Record the weight used for each of the 6 rounds of bench press. The goal can be to increase each round, or to find a weight and maintain it across all five sets. Either way choose weights in that will allow you to be successful and not fail and sets.


Warm-up (No Measure)

Form Teams of 3-4

6 Minute Warm-up Bike – Switch athletes every :30

General Warm-up

20 Banded Pass Throughs

20 Banded Pull Aparts

10 Alt. Samson Lunges

:30 Hollow Hold

10 Super-mans

10 Push-ups

Build to 5 rep bench press for workout.

Cool Down

Warm-up (No Measure)


1:00 90/90 pec stretch

1:00 Child’s pose