DMC Measurements Coming to Blackbird on Thursday, May 14th

seca-514_front_02_RGB_lowWant to know your Body Fat %?

Did you realize an individual burns more than 65% of their daily calories by just breathing–furthermore the caloric expenditure can be increased by improving your fat mass to muscle mass ratio?

Have you ever wondered what your body’s total muscle mass is? 

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know how much muscle is in each extremity and your core? Our Function Module shows Skeletal Muscle Mass.

Come get answers at BLACKBIRD CROSSFIT on Thursday, May 14th between 5–6:30pm.

DMC Measurements will be on-site performing body composition measurements for all interested members. Visit to fully understand the service provided.

Use the link below to sign-up.

$50 – 1 measurement
$90 – 2 measurements
$170 – 4 measurements in a 12-month period

**You do not have to be a member of Blackbird CrossFit to take advantage of these services. Call us at 410.875.7186 for more information.

DMC Measurements, LLC is a leading mobile body composition testing provider in the Mid-Atlantic region, featuring the clinically tested seca medical Body Composition Analyzer. Utilizing the latest Bioimpedance analysis (BIA) technology, DMC Measurements delivers the most comprehensive body composition analysis service

  • Fast – Understanding your busy schedule, individual measurements are executed in under a minute with results printed onsite. No other testing process is faster.
  • Precise – Results have been proven by international studies and have a high level of reproducibility. This is very important for follow-up testing and measuring progress
  • Convenient – We provide on-site testing that only requires an 8×5 foot space to perform the measurements.
  • In-Depth – In addition to providing the industry standard fat mass, fat free mass, and estimated resting metabolic rate, the mBCA provides segmental skeletal muscle mass, levels, and total body water (extracellular & intracellular water)

DMC Measurements strives to better understand what you are made of and how to obtain the fitness and nutritional goals you seek better than any other body composition provider.