Beginner’s Only FREE Class this Saturday, Oct. 10th @ 11am

Beginner's Only Free Class


You know what makes CrossFit different than your regular gym? It’s a group of individuals who care about their health and fitness, MOTIVATING and SUPPORTING each other through every workout in the gym and rooting each other on in every day life, as well. We have a community. People’s lives are changing inside these walls. Come be a part of something special! Don’t Be Intimidated, Be Inspired!

This class is designed for people who are new to CrossFit; but it is appropriate for any fitness level. We combine core conditioning, weights, cardio and body weight exercises in short, intense workouts to generate more results in less time. CrossFit is scaleable to the needs of each individual. Whether you are on Day 1 of your journey to better health or your current fitness routine is getting a bit stale and you want to try something new, we will meet you where you are. In CrossFit classes, everyone works hard to their own abilities! Come have some fun with us on Saturday! All you need is a water bottle, comfortable workout clothes, and a friend helps too! For questions or to RSVP, email Rebekah Titus at [email protected] or call 410.875.7186.