Blackbird CrossFit – WOD

weighted dips (5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5)

Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD

400M Run

Hang on Pull-Up bar

400M Run

Overhead plate hold 45# / 25#

400M Run

Plank Hold

400M Run

Wall Sit

Partner 1 runs while partner 2 performs the hold. Then switch. 1 burpee penalty for every time a partner rests during a hold. The burpees are performed after the last run. Time ends after burpee penalty is completed.
Scaled – 200M Run

Warm-up 12 (No Measure)

400M Row / Run / Jump Rope 2Min

10 Lateral Toe Touches

10 Single leg floor touch quad stretch

10 Box jumps

10 Push presses 45/35

10 Dips

3 min of skill work or mobility

PVC Pass Throughs