Blackbird CrossFit – WOD

All: Accumulate 4 minutes in an L-sit (Time)

While in a dip support position accumulate a total of 4 minutes in an L-sit

ALL: The Dragon’s Tail (Time)


Together the team must complete:

15 Rope Climbs

200 Box Jumps 24″ / 20″

250 Slam Balls 20# / 15#

300 Kettlebell Swings 53# / 35#

*Team must have someone working on the Assault Bike at all times

Break work up as needed in any order. One person works at a time (3-4 athletes on team). Switch biker as needed. One Team per Rope

Record total team calories in comments
1 Rope Climb =3 Rope Raise and Lowers or 6 Ring Rows

*If there are 5 people on a team 2 may work at a time

WU: Warm-up (No Measure)

Jump Rope 2 Minutes

Roll Glutes/hams with lax ball on box

10 Push-ups

10 Air Squats

10 Box Jumps

3 Wall Walk-ups

Inch Worms

PVC Pass Throughs